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Born at Midnight– Review

Hello everyone! If you dont know I am part of a monthly book club, Toledo Book Club.


For this month our book was Born at Midnight, a Shadow Falls novel by C. C. Hunter. This book is part one of a five part series. On the Barnes and Noble website the book has a four star rating and is being sold for $7.46. Below is listed all the information you need to know


Publisher:St. Martin’s Press

Publication date:03/29/2011

Series:Shadow Falls Series , #1Edition

Product dimensions:8.20(w) x 5.50(h) x 1.40(d)

Age Range:13 – 17 Years


Kylie Galen is a normal teen going through normal life changes or she thought. One day she gets shipped off to a summer camp for troubled teens. It is here she finds herself and trouble. Born at Midnight is a coming of age story with romance, action and heartfelt moments.


While I usually don’t like reading a series for the book of the month club, Born at Midnight is an exception. I believe this book could stand alone. You follow Kylie and her new found friends through one summer at camp. There is everything you want in a YA novel. Even though the characters are supernatural they are still very relatable. There is plenty of action, a love triangle and parent troubles. After reading the first installment I am hooked! I cant wait to read the next book and find out more about Kylie and her new friends.


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