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Fun FREE things to do this summer.

School is out! So you know what that means…bored kids. Kids who will eat you out of house and home if you let them. Don’t worry! I got you covered. Here are some of mine and James’ favorite FREE things to do in Toledo.

1. Check out your local library. Okay you could have guessed this one. If you know me I am very much a huge supporter of the Toledo Lucas county public libraries. The thing I love the most is how many different programs they have for kids–and adults– of all ages. Got some kids that are itching to do some activities? Head over to tlcpl.org to see what programs your local library is hosting that day.



2. Take a trip to the mall. This one is definitely geared more towards the little ones. The Westfield Franklin Park mall has a fun children’s area that James can’t get enough of. We come here often in the winter but on those rainy summer days it’s a good way to not get stir crazy in the house. I know what you’re thinking but the mall can be very tempting. One way I keep the cost down is by packing a lunch or eating at the McDonald’s before hand.



3. Visit one of our city parks. One way I try to keep things fun and new is going to a different park once a week. Some of the parks James loves are: Close park at Blessed Sacrament, Drummond Woods Park near Sylvania and Secor, White park at the corner of Consear Rd and Douglas rd in Lambertville MI, and of course Wildwood Preserve metro park. Most of these parks have basketball courts or tennis courts adding more fun to the mix.



4.Go on a nature hike. One of the best things about living in northwest Ohio is the fact that our metro-parks are FREE. no matter what side of town you are on there is a metro park close to you. For us it is Wildwood preserve. We love taking nature walks through the woods, eating lunch at the park and playing on the awesome play ground. Its a great way to get the kids out of the house and breathing in fresh air.



There are so many FREE fun things to do here in Toledo Ohio. All you have to do is explore the city. No matter what your budget is these four places don’t break the bank. I hope these four suggestions help you out this summer! Leave me a comment below with your favorite way to spend a summer day.

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