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When You See Me, by Lisa Gardner.


Detectives D.D Warren and Kimberly Quincy are brought to the mountains of Georgia, when two hikers find a dead body. The closer the detectives get to finding the truth more secrets are brought to life turning a small town upside down.


Before reading the book I wasn’t aware that this book was in a series. However I don’t think that diminishes from When you see me at all. The book caught my attention right from the start. Gardner starts out with chaquitas heartbreaking life. It is beautifully told and so hard to read. You instantly become hooked on her character and her fight to survive. D.D Warren is a hot head cop with her typical good cop counterpart Kimberly. However their characters aren’t shallow and I definitely want to read more about their adventures. I recommend When You See Me to anyone looking for a page turner. This is definitely the best book I’ve read in a while.


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