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Crave by Tracy Wolf

Product details:

ISBN-13: 9781640638952

Publisher:  Entangled Publishing, LLC

Pages: 592

Product Dimensions: 6.00 (W) X 8.30(H) X 2.OO (D)

Age Range:  14-18 years




Life is turned completely upside down for Grace when her parents are killed in a tragic accident. She is shipped up to Alaska to live in a boarding school run by her family. Millions of miles away from home might sound awful but Grace is prepared to face life head on and start again. Grace knew her normal life in sunny California was gone but she didn’t know what new life lay ahead for her at Katmer Academy.



After reading the description online I knew what I was getting myself into, another vamp love story. However that didn’t take away from the story itself. While the story did take a little time to get going once it started it was hard to put the book down. I didn’t mind the plot slowing a little to get more back info on not only Grace but also the different magical creatures at Katmer Academy. While Jaxon Vega is a typical bad boy heartthrob, as the story unfolded there were surprises about him that I didn’t expect.

Overall I really enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading the next book, Crush. Like all good vampire series this one revolves around a love story. However its Graces story that keeps me coming back.



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